Inspection requirements and installation conditions for liferaft release hooks

Inspection requirements and installation conditions for liferaft release hooks

The release hook of liferaft is fast and convenient to use. The product is mainly composed of mooring rope mechanism, locking mechanism and decoupling mechanism, cable hook, hook frame, control box, foot switch and base, etc. The mooring rope mechanism of the liferaft releasing the hook twisted the thin cable, drew the ship's mooring rope to the vicinity of the cable hook, and hung the mooring rope to the cable hook, completing the cabling work of one cable.

When it is necessary to release the cable, the locking mechanism can be opened by poking the release rod. Then the release hook of the liferaft is flipped under the pull of the cable, and the cable is removed from the cable, which is very convenient. In order to ensure the quality of the product, each hook needs to be subjected to 125% rated load tension test before delivery. And each set of fast cable release hook device shall be carried out cable release test under rated load before delivery.

Similarly, each configured capstan is subject to no-load, rated load and 110% rated load tests before delivery. After each set of liferaft release hook device is installed on the buyer's wharf, no-load running test and actual ship mooring and unmooring test shall be carried out. Provide factory test report and certificate of qualification for each quick release hook device. The main accessories, such as motor, reducer, brake, electric control box, etc. are provided with the supplier's operating instructions and qualification certificates.

In addition, material certificate and heat treatment report should be provided for main parts of liferaft release hook, and flaw detection report should be provided for main welds. In the process of installation, it is required that the power supply conditions shall be satisfied first, and the cable connected to the starter box shall be 5 cores (3 cores are power lines, 1 core is center line, and 1 core is ground wire).

Under normal circumstances, the power consumption of the liferaft release hook device should be controlled within 12 kilowatts per unit. Also, make sure that the site installation working conditions are good: the motor, electric starter and foot switch are connected internally during the supply, and the field wiring only connects the cables to the electric control box (which is assembled during the supply, inspected, and used at any time).

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